Dummy Couplers

EC87DC Prototype Couplers is proud to offer an economical dummy coupler.

If you love the accuracy of the normal Prototype Couplers coupler, but can't stand the cost of switching all your rolling stock at once, the EC87DC dummy coupler provides a way to spread the cost over time, and maintain compatibility of your entire fleet all the while. At only $5 per package of 12, the cost to initially upgrade all your equipment to a Prototype Couplers compatible coupler is minimal, even for the largest of collections. You can then move to the fully operational Prototype Couplers coupler as your modeling budget permits.

Since these couplers are 3D printed resin, they also provide a nice option for electrically isolated steam locomotive pilots.

Part # Description Price Status Buy Now
EC87DC 12 Dummy Couplers $5.00 In Stock

Pricing last revised: February 12th 2024