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Prototype Couplers has teamed up with CA Customs to provide customers with assembled and painted couplers for those who do not have the time or patience to assemble/paint these tiny parts themselves. Cory From CA Customs does excellent work and knows theses couplers very well. He is sure to make sure that your couplers are not just looking prototypical but also operate buttery smooth.


Description Price Per Coupler
Assembled $1.50
Assembled + Primed without Gap Fill $2.00
Assembled + Primed with Gap Fill $2.50
Assembled + Prime + One Paint Coat $3.50

How It Works

You get in touch with Cory from CA Customs. Tell him what you are looking for based on the table above. You and him will agree on what work will be performed. You will then place a order with us and specify that it is going to CA Customs. Prototype Couplers will then work on manufacturing your couplers. When they are ready we will ship your order direct to CA Customs. Once your couplers have been accepted at CA Customs our job is complete. From there CA Customs will work on your order and will ship them to you when they are ready.

You must get in contact with CA Customs before having us send the couplers so they are aware of your order! 

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