Rotary Couplers

Rotary Couplers Prototype Couplers is proud to offer operational Rotary couplers.

If you have been contemplating building an operational rotary dump for your unit coal trains, the rotary coupler is just what you need. These couplers mate with the normal Prototype Couplers couplers and have a shank design that allows the coupler to rotate 360 degrees as the car is rotated in the dump.

Prototype practice is to use a rotary coupler on only one end of a car and have all rotary ends facing the same direction in a unit coal train. This allows the train to be completely unloaded without ever needing to uncouple.

The rotary coupler head itself is a dummy coupler which is sufficient since rotary dump cars are never run rotary end to rotary end. As long as the couplers mated to the rotary end are operational Prototype Couplers couplers, the train can be assembled and broken up as needed - never incorporating the giant 0-5-0 hook. Note that unit coal trains are very rarely broken up on the prototype anyway.

These couplers are offered at a price of only $5 per package of three - enough to outfit three coal cars.

Part # Description Price Status Buy Now
EC87R 3 Dummy Type E Rotary Couplers - enough for three coal cars $5.00 In Stock
FC87R 3 Dummy Type F Rotary Couplers - enough for three coal cars $5.00 In Stock

Pricing last revised: February 12th 2024