Spring 2024 Update

April 25th 2024

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Website Updates

February 24th 2024

I have had 90% of the files for the old Sergent Engineering website for months now, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to reintegrate them back into the current website. I believe I have finally done so in a tasteful and familiar way. Just about all the content that used to be on the old Sergent Engineering site can now be found here in the new and improved Instructions section and in the brand-new FAQ section. A lot of these are almost word for word from the old site with very slight changes where needed. I left a few things that are now not relevant just for archival purposes. All the old tutorials are back in the Installation Tips section. If there is demand I will continue to add to these.

The ordering page is now gone. In its place is a system like the old Sergent website with ordering now being broken up into major product categories in the new products section of our menu bar. Hovering over this will expose all the major product categories we currently have and plan to release in the future. This change was necessary as our product line was expanding and it was getting harder and harder to find what you were looking for efficiently. The Legacy ordering system has now been discontinued, this was where you submit your order on an online form, and we email you an invoice. It hasn’t been utilized since we switched to PayPal and was taking up a lot of space on the page.

We are now offering 3D printed dummy couplers as an “Economy Option” just like Sergent Engineering used to offer years ago. We are also introducing a Rotary coupler. This is very similar to the older Sergent Engineering one, but adapted to work anywhere, a regular compatible shank would unlike the Sergent one. Please know that while these coupler heads rotate the knuckles are non-operating.

We recommend everyone both new and old familiarize themselves with both the Break-In Instructions and the FC87, HC87 and Investment Cast Instructions. This will provide lots of guidance on how to properly assemble and break in our couplers for reliable operation.

All assembly fixtures, uncoupling tools, etc. have been moved to the Accessories product section.

Currently there is a known issue where PayPal checkout doesn’t work on mobile. Please use a computer to place any orders. Also, the menu bar and other website details may not play/display well on mobile. Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you find anything broken with the new website, please contact me at so I can fix it.