Frequently Asked Questions - Future Products

Q: Do you plan on offering a type D coupler for pre 1934 applications?

A: We kind of already do! Externally, the body of the type D and type E are very similar, with the main difference being the way the cut bar mounts to the bottom of the coupler. Also, the standard knuckle on a type D was only 9 inches high on the business end as opposed to 11 inches on the type E. The type D was officially adopted by the AAR in 1919. Revisions to that specification were continually made until the specification was completely rewritten in 1930 and became the type E specification. The result of this gradual evolution is that there is virtually no difference in a type D made in the late 1920's and an official type E coupler manufactured in 1935. Some type D couplers sported the 11 inch knuckle just like the one that was required on the type E. In fact, knuckles are completely interchangeable between type D and E couplers. You can see the shorter knuckle and old style bottom cut lever linkage in the type D photos below.

Type D Couplers

Q: Do you plan on offering a certain coupler that is not offered yet? How about couplers for O-scale, G-scale...

A: Yes. We have plans to do many great things. Unfortunately these plans are constrained by both time and money. Exactly which new product comes out next depends largely on how many request we have from customers for a specific item.