EC87KB Bulk Pack Pre-Order

January 11th 2024

Happy 2024 everyone!

For those who are looking for diecast EC87KD in bulk. I can offer bulk packs in packs of 100 couplers/50 pairs. However, to fund the bulk packs I need to use a pre-order system. Only for bulk packs. Normal packs will always be a stock item.

I need a minimum of 50 bulk packs pre-ordered to give the okay to my die caster for production. If the bulk pack order goes through expect normal diecast coupler packs to drop from $20 a pack to $10 a pack.

Bulk packs will cost $150.00 USD per pack. As stated above each pack will come with enough parts to build 100 couplers/50 pairs.

No payment is required until we reach 50 pre-orders and I place the order with the factory. Pre-orders can be cancelled at anytime with no penalty.

If you are interested, please email me with your Name, Shipping Address, Quanity, and PayPal Email.

Store Updates

December 17th 2023

Happy Holidays everyone! I have a few quick updates to end the year.

I will not be shipping any orders between December 23rd 2023 - January 1st 2024 This is to allow me to spend time with my family during the holidays and into the new year. Last day for shipping is Friday December 22nd. Your order must be placed before 0900 EST or it will not make it out with the mail on Friday. Shipping will resume on January 2nd 2024. I will still be accepting orders during my holiday break, just keep in mind they won't ship until the 2nd.

I am out of stock on all F-type couplers. I have ran out of castings for the bottom cover. Expect a restock Spring 2024 when the weather has warmed up enough to cast again.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has placed a order and helped keep these couplers going. I wouldn't be where I am now without your support. I feel like it was a very good year for these couplers with well over 100 orders fulfilled, and thousands of couplers sent out to customers. Again I can't thank you all enough.

Looking forward I am hoping to have the S-Scale EC64K ready for production in the spring.

Happy Holidays everyone and I will see you all again in 2024!

BCL87 and MWRY Now Available

August 18th 2023

BCL87 detail parts are now in stock and ready to ship. These come courtesy of Frank Sergent. I also now have to original design files and will be placing a order for more soon.

The passenger car uncoupling tool MWRY is also now in stock. Frank Sergent sent me his left over parts to manufacture them.

We should have a update on HT1R87K in the coming weeks as we test and finalize parts.

Diecast Type E Now Available

August 4th 2023

The issues with the Type E compatible shank tooling has been fixed and I am happy to say that we finally can start offering these. For those that don't know, before Frank closed his last batch of EC87K and EC87KB couplers suffered from a defect in the casting where a side wall on the coupler head was missing. The couplers still functioned but they didn't look very good.

After Frank gave me rights to the tooling, I ordered some shanks and they all came with the same defect. I got with the die caster and they found and fixed the problem in the tool. Long story short these are the same EC87K you know and love. No modifications, the original.

We have a very small supply of these available. This first run we could only afford to order 1000~ shanks. These are to be used for EC87KD, SBEC87KD and ES1P87K. All three of these kits are available starting today. But when they are gone, they are gone.

This was a feeler order more than anything and the price of the diecast parts is so high because of how small our order was. We priced the parts as low as we could while still making money. If these sell well, I am more than happy to start ordering parts in the 10,000 or 20,000 like Frank did. Which will drive the price of these kits down. But that was a lot of money I didn't have to order that many shanks, knuckles and bottom covers. As it is I have just made enough from the investment cast kits to pay for this small order of diecast parts.

MWRY Passenger Car Uncoupling Tool is also almost ready for consumer sale. I am just waiting on some tooling to help make the blade of the uncoupling tool. Once I have that I will start taking orders for the tool. If you want to see the prototype tool there is a photo of it in the Uncoupling Tools section of the order page.

ET1R87K Now Available

July 18th 2023

You asked and we listened. We have brought back the Walthers Heavyweight Tailor Made Coupler. This is slightly different than how Sergent provided them. The shanks are still the same, but how you mount them is different. Previously Sergent provided a spring, screw and spacer to mount the coupler to the car. We only provide a spring. We found that you can reuse the factory screw and spacer and everything seems to work well using this method. Please look at the updated instructions for these as well here.

These kits are made to order and will add a processing time of 3-5 days. HT1R87K are still a ways out as we do not have originals to look at and they are much more complex with the truck revamp. If people really need HT1R87K we would be willing to look into selling the parts needed to convert the coupler but not the trucks. Please reach out if you have interest in that.

You can purchase ET1R87K starting right now, you can find them on our order page.

HG87 Now Available

July 14th 2023

We are proud to reintroduce the HG87 Height Gauge. We redesigned the gauge based on measurements taken from a original Sergent HG87 gauge. It still looks and feels like the Sergent gauge but we have added improved rail guide slots to help keep the gauge centered on the tracks these slots also prevent the gauge from moving on its own. The part number is now clearly shown on the top of the gauge as well to easily identify it. The front of the gauge now has very minimal instructions on the front. The gauge is also now being 3D printed out of resin instead of cast from tooling resin. The dimensions should not creep if kept away from UV light. Each gauge comes with a set of printed instructions. You can also view these instruction in the instructions tab on our website.